The VersaTerra Difference

VersaTerra specializes in helping landowners with all levels of experience in land development. Every landowner has a different objective for his or her property. Our endeavor is to understand those objectives and find avenues to meet those goals.  We walk you step by step through the process of determining what your property is worth. Our commitment to quality and sound engineering and design lead to sustainable neighborhoods and sought-after single-family home developments.

VersaTerra differentiates itself from its competition in a number of ways:


VersaTerra is led by Paul Basaldua and based in San Antonio, Texas. Our local presence allows us to be nimble and move quickly to initiate and manage a project. Because we are local, and because we have 20 years of relationships with municipalities, agencies, engineers, architects, and construction companies, we can respond quickly when opportunities or issues do arise, and mobilize resources quickly and efficiently.


VersaTerra’s development team for each project is comprised of professionals with decades of experience and expertise in the land entitlement, design, and construction process. The development team, led by VersaTerra, have several hundred million dollars’ worth of projects in their portfolio and includes a number of professionals in civil engineering, site work construction, landscape construction, and landscape architecture. As a result, they know what the typical challenges are to developing a site, how to mitigate problems and risk inherent in construction projects, and how to maximize opportunities to increase the value of a project and drive returns for landowners.


As a local firm, we live and die by our reputation. We aren’t a fly by night operation or a national organization with no stake in the ground. This is our community and our business on the line. We won’t stop until the project is done and done to the standards accepted by all stakeholders.


We actively engage with local agencies and officials to develop positive, fruitful working relationships based on the principles of trust, accountability and added value. Over 3 decades we have cultivated knowledge and experience dealing with the varied development requirements and business environments in more than a dozen municipalities in the greater San Antonio area and I-35 corridor. Combined, our relationships and experience allow us to navigate the system and secure needed permits and approvals in record time.


Our business is built and driven by our relationships. From our landowner and homebuilder clients to our contractors, we treat every one of our “partners” with honesty, respect, sincerity, and a commitment to seek the best results for everyone involved in our projects. Our primary commitment is always to our clients and trade partners. Whether you’re a private landowner, home builder, or an experienced real estate investor, we work tirelessly to give you the best experience possible while adding value to your investment.


Bottom line, VersaTerra is your true partner in land development. With deep, local connections, decades of experience, and a commitment to getting the job done, we give you the peace of mind and expertise you need to turn any property into the residential project that the community and the development team can be proud of for years to come.

Your True Partner in Development