Paul Basaldua, CEO

VersaTerra is a full-service land development firm that combines decades of experience with expertise and relationships  to deliver impactful projects for its clients and property owners. Led by CEO Paul Basaldua, VersaTerra offers services spanning from concept and design work to engineering and construction, ensuring that our clients maximize the value of their projects.

The firm’s promise to its clients is to invariably deliver the right solutions, no matter the challenge, using the bedrocks of VersaTerra: knowledge, skill and service. That promise is backed by Paul’s decades of experience overseeing all aspects of development operations for a portfolio of land development projects worth millions of dollars. Through his career, Paul has effectively delivered engineering and construction management on residential development projects while working closely with local municipalities to ensure the development team delivered the best and most efficient end product to their clients. Paul’s primary goal is to partner with clients and trade partners to build working relationships based on trust, accountability, sincerity, and added value.

The VersaTerra team has deep roots in South Texas. It is the preeminent expert in navigating the complex and varied development requirements and business environments in more than a dozen municipalities in the greater San Antonio area and along the Interstate 35 corridor. A nimble land-development firm that concentrates its resources and efforts on both buying and developing land, VersaTerra also serves as fee-development consultants for other builders and developers, as well as joint-venture partners with property owners.

Mark Schendel, Executive Vice President

Mark is a seasoned Land Acquisition and Development Professional who has more than 16 years of experience working for leading, high-profile real estate and development companies. He has also served as VP of Land Acquisition and Development for both public and private home builders. Mark is experienced in managing large-scale operations, having spearheaded a myriad of successful initiatives. He sees that all bottom-line and productivity expectations are consistently met in ever-changing, challenging market conditions.

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