WHY VersaTerra?

The VersaTerra Difference

As Texas based land developers, VersaTerra helps landowners, homebuilders, and investors cultivate exciting and profitable residential projects. Successful projects rely on strong partnerships and experience. Our partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and sincerity. We work closely with our partners while leveraging our strong, long-standing relationships with local agencies and officials in the San Antonio and Austin metroplexes to lead a project to a successful outcome. Coupled with our decades of development and construction experience, the VersaTerra team is able to move projects forward efficiently, identify and capitalize on opportunities, and mitigate problems before they impact the critical path of development. The result is sustainable neighborhoods that stand the test of time. READ MORE


VersaTerra is led by Paul Basaldua and based in San Antonio, Texas. Our local presence allows us to be nimble and move quickly to initiate and manage a project.


We actively engage with local agencies and officials to develop positive, fruitful working relationships based on the principles of trust, accountability and added value.


Our development team for each project is comprised of experienced professionals with expertise in the land entitlement, design, and construction process.


Our thorough process allows us to work through different levels of commitment so all parties have the flexibility to explore the site development opportunities before committing to a full development project.

This is especially beneficial for landowners and first-time investors who have never engaged in a land development project before. Experienced investors also benefit from the low-risk approach to site study and feasibility that allows each project participant to explore their options before engaging in a full fledge development project. Though each site and project are unique, our process typically goes through the following steps. — READ MORE

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