Our thorough process allows us to work through different levels of commitment so all parties have the flexibility to explore the site development opportunities before committing to a full development project. This is especially beneficial for landowners and first-time investors who have never engaged in a land development project before. Experienced investors also benefit from the low-risk approach to site study and feasibility that allows each project participant to explore their options before engaging in a full fledge development project. Though each site and project are unique, our process typically goes through the following steps.

Initial Feasibility –

During the initial feasibility, we complete an initial evaluation of the property in order to identify any challenges that could impact development for that site. Once we have determined that the site is suitable for development, we offer a price for the property and place the property under contract. The term of the contract is dependent upon the unique challenges and opportunities property identified with that specific property.

Feasibility –

Once the contract is active, we move into the full feasibility phase. At this point we start working on entitlements such as zoning, master development plans, preliminary plats, and utility service agreements. During this phase, our civil engineering team begins identifying, mapping, and securing required utility and drainage easements from neighboring properties, road access easements, and other site use requirements. A major focus during this period is on studying the drainage on site so we can determine how to maximize site usage and density while meeting drainage requirements.

Once the feasibility process is complete, the development team continues the engineering design. The design then goes for a review and approval at the different municipal entities including the city, utility providers, transportation, and other critical reviewing entities. Once the final design is reviewed and approved by all agencies, the team can begin construction.

Development/Civil Construction –

Once the civil engineering design is complete, and the city has approved plans and released all necessary permits, we begin site construction.  This includes land clearing, building of the streets, underground wet utilities and dry utilities, and any drainage improvements.

Home Building –

Once the civil construction portion of the project is substantially complete, the homebuilder signs off on the civil work completed and purchases the lots based on the agreed upon “takes” previously negotiated. The builder then begins construction and home sales.

Again, because each site is unique, our team of experts will walk you through the process for your property. We will remain in close contact with you every step of the way, helping you explore your options and develop a plan that lets you get the most out of your investment.